Board Members

President  Mary Wohl 210-363-5712 [email protected]
Vice President Kerry Ledford 210-656-1873 [email protected]
Secretary Sue B. Walker  832-876-1955 [email protected]
Treasurer Nathan Morgan 210-695-0465 [email protected]
Past President John Hobson 281-796-9987  [email protected]

Committee Members

Membership Robbie Borchers H- 830-708-0572 [email protected]
   C- 830-708-0572  
  Jim Lodovic H- 830-660-9246 [email protected]
Legislative Affairs Don Johnson H- 830-935-4142 [email protected]
   C- 830-660-1973  
Campaign Activities Susan Walker C- 830-237-6775 [email protected]
Hospitality Lori Mayfield H- 817-791-8037 [email protected]
Parliamentarian (currently vacant)     
Publicity Chair (currently vacant)  
Founder/Facebook Sonja/ Bill Harris H- 830-885-4851 [email protected]
   C- 210-872-9861  
Newsletter Editor Kerry Ledford H- 210-656-1873 [email protected]
Associate Editor Karen Hobson H- 830-935-3141 [email protected]
   C- 281-450-5453  
Special Events Donna Lee H- 210-723-5325 [email protected]
Special Projects Ruth Chambers C- 214-405-4348 [email protected]
Patron Program Carloyn Herbert H- 830-515-5919 [email protected]
Precinct Whip Joe Carroll H- 830-708-2424 [email protected]
Web Master Ashley Montemayor   [email protected]
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