Nathan McDanielAugust 25, 2020
Nathan McDaniel
Campaign Manager

Nathan McDaniel, Campaign Manager, for Congressman Chip Roy, addressed the RCCC and reported on the current conditions leading up to the November 3rd Presidential Election. 

Mr. McDaniel previously worked for Texas State Senator, Donna Campbell, before becoming the leader of the campaign to elect Chip Roy in 2017. 

McDaniel spoke about the Congressman's re-election campaign and his accomplishments durig his first term in office, including his continued efforts on border security, balancing the budget, and healthcare reform. 

Congressman Roy is being challenged by familiar liberal Democrat, Wendy Davis, well known for a filibuster supporting third trimester abortion during the 2013 Texas Legislative session.  A formidable challenger, due to high levels of out-of-state funding from familiar wealthy liberal progressive donors, Wendy Davis and fellow Democrats expect to exploit the large number of voters recently registered in District 21 by Democrat operatives.

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